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Meteorological and Oceanographic Observations in the Coastal Gulf of Mexico

Station CenGOOS-01

3-meter discus buoy
30.0423 °N 88.6473 °W

Site elevation:  sea level
Anemometer height:  5 m above site elevation
Air temp height:  4 m above site elevation
Barometer elevation:  4 m above site elevation
Humidity elevation:  4 m above site elevation
Water depth:  20 m
Watch circle radius:  70 m
Current conditions as of:

2017-04-29 11:40 UTC (2017-04-29 06:40 Central daylight time)

Air Temperature: 24 °C (76 °F)
Relative Humidity: 95%
Wind Speed: 9.6 m/s (18.7 knots)
Wind Direction: 132.4 °True
Barometric Pressure: 1014.8 mbar
Near Surface Temperature: Instrument Out of Service.
Near Surface Salinity: Instrument Out of Service.

Waves data as of:    2017-04-29 11:10 UTC (2017-04-29 06:10 Central daylight time)
Significant Height: 1.54 meters  (5.06 feet)
Mean Period: 4.7 seconds
Dominant Period: 6.5 seconds

*Note: Ocean current direction is the heading currents flow to.
Wind direction is the heading winds blow from.
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